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Chima (チマ, Chima) is a Czeschka maticarna (チェシュカマティカーナ) animal. It met Marlya Noel at an auction and after managing to escape, started to follow her.


Chima is a small blue fox-like animal with big ears.



Chima was being sold as an item at an auction. There Marlya Noel was looking at the auction items and saw it. As they liked each other, she petted Chima. Moments later, the door on his cage being loose, he managed to escape and started following Marlya.

When Marlya and Free Underbar visited Marco Bellwood, he recognized the species of the animal and mentioned it's species. Being too long and hard to pronounce, Marlya decided to name him Chima.

Powers & Abilities[]

The czeschka maticarna has the ability to discern fairies by their smell.