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Ash-covered Girl (灰かぶりの少女, Hai kaburi no shōjo) is the 1st episode in the Fairy Gone anime TV series.



Marlya has been searching for Veronica ever since the great war, but Veronica seems to be conducting a search of her own. When the two of them, and Free, all run headlong into each other, it quickly escalates into a fairy-fueled fight.


Years ago, the continent of Eastald was engulfed in the War of Unification, which saw the use of "Fairy Soldiers", humans capable of summoning Fairies to battle for them. During the war, the village of Suna is destroyed, separating two girls, Marlya and Veronica. The war ends with Eastald being united under the nation of Zesskia. Years later, Marlya joins the Mafia in hopes of finding Veronica and meets Free, the head of security for an auction to sell a page from the Black Fairy Tome. Suddenly, Veronica attacks the auction and steals the page, prompting Marlya and Free to pursue her. In the confusion, a fairy is accidentally set free and it merges with Marlya, causing her to have flashbacks to her life in Suna, and how Veronica vowed revenge for the village's destruction. When Marlya regains consciousness, both Veronica and Free have unleashed their Fairies to battle. In the heat of the moment, Marlya inadvertently summons her Fairy, which intervenes in the fight and gives Veronica the chance to escape. Free reveals he is actually working for a government organization called Dorothea, whose purpose is to police illegal Fairy users. As an illegal Fairy user herself now, Marlya is given the ultimatum of being arrested or joining Dorothea. Marlya agrees to join in hopes of being able to confront Veronica again. Meanwhile, Veronica turns in the stolen page to her superior, who informs her it is fake.