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The Fairy Tome (妖精書, Yōsei-sho) is a book that contains extensive detailed biological knowledge about Fairies, and the existence of them as well. It's divided into five pieces: Hel S. Bellwood's Original Text, Jay B. Mercer's Blue Fairy Tome, Timothy Connar's Red Fairy Tome, Colen Thor's White Fairy Tome and Crucia Albastora's Black Fairy Tome.

  • Original Text (妖精書【原本】, Yōsei-sho Genpon) describes the "fairy ecology", and is an attempt to explain the fairies in general, based on the insights gained through research and analysis.
  • Blue Fairy Tome (青の妖精書, Ao no yōsei-sho) describes the "study of adult fairy specimens". Its currently maintained and managed by the Ministry of Fairies.
  • Red Fairy Tome (赤の妖精書, Aka no yōsei-sho) describes "the composition and structure of the fairy". Its currently maintained and managed by the Ministry of Fairies.
  • White Fairy Tome (白の妖精書, Shiro no yōsei-sho) describes "the history of the fairy". Not much is known about this tome.
  • Black Fairy Tome (黒の妖精書, Kuro no yōsei-sho) describes "fairy possession". 200 years ago, Alan Bach tried combining all five tomes, but only the content of the Black Fairy Tome was excluded in the final book. His reproduction of the book are manuscripts that he deliberately split and encoded into nine pieces and which are now being sought out by everyone.

Colen's teaching were passed down to Crucia who eventually went on to write the Black Fairy Tome using majority of the knowledge and material Colen Thor had gathered during his studies. Colen also explored the Midend and left behind extensive notes. As of now Colen Thors ancestors often resent Albastora for using his teachers exploits to write a book and giving no credit.