Fairy Gone Wiki

Fairy Weapons (妖精武器, Yosei buki) are unique weapons developed by Freddie Bihain in order to counter fairies. Usually, only powerful individuals possess them, as there are only seven - each of them originally being wielded by members of the Seven Knights. After the Unification War, they're being kept under surveillance by the Ministry of Fairies and only specific individuals are granted to access them, but authorization is generally necessary.



Painsealer (ペインシーラー, Peinshīrā) is a very unique Fairy Weapon that is also used as prosthetic arm. It has a spear hidden inside. It was used by the Seven Knights member Ewen Breeze. After his death, it was confiscated by the Ministry of Fairies and was later taken by Glyph Mercer.



Verosteal (ヴェロスティール, Verosutīru) is a sword far lighter than a regular blade. The original wielder was the Seven Knights member, Jet Grave, but after his death it was taken by Free Underbar upon his request. However, though Free can use it, it's technically owned and observed by the Ministry of Fairies as he is not a member of the knights.



Gadfacs (ガドファクス, Gadofakusu) is a large, cleaver-like sword designed for cutting. Due to it's great size and weight, its exceedingly difficult for most people to use. It belongs to the Seven Knights member Beevee Liscar.



Fratanil (フラタニル, Furataniru) is a round shield connected to a leaf sword by a length of chain, the shield itself can also be used as a scabbard for the blade. It belonged to the Seven Knights member Garlan Battle. After his death, it was confiscated by the Ministry of Fairies and was later given to Schwarz Diese. After Diese's death, Wolfran Row was seen using it as well against Free Underbar.



Aliadra (アリアドラ, Ariadora) is the most difficult Fairy Weapon to use. It's a sword that can be detached and separated into smaller pieces, turning it into a bladed whip. It's owned by the Seven Knights member Nein Auler and she's the only known user capable of wielding it without injuring herself. While Nein is the owner, it's managed by the Ministry of Fairies.



Sororias (ソロリアス, Sororiasu) is a trident said to be so extremely sharp you can cut yourself just by touching it. It's owned by the Seven Knights member Ray Dawn. It's said when he uses it, a river of blood would appear on the battlefield. Later on, Marlya Noel would use it against the Divine Beast.



Morterant (モルテラント, Moruteranto) is a simple dagger. Once wielded by the Seven Knights member, Haristan, the location of the weapon was lost after he committed suicide. However, it was later revealed the weapon came into possession of Eajey Daven Thor and, after his death, was taken by Veronica Thorn.