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Jurgen Dawn (ユルゲン・ドーン, Yurugen Dōn) was from Suna village and the older brother of Ray Dawn.




Jurgen had returned from the war as he received leg injury that was affecting his normal walk. He ended up taking Marlya Noel at his home and taking care of her, as she was an orphan.

One day, his brother who now had a Duke position, came to Suna and started attacking the village. Jurgen tried to convince him to not do it and realized this wasn't the king's order, but he his own will. He then attempted to use his fairy to fight his brother, but in that moment Ray struck him with his spear and killed him. In his last breaths he told Marlya and the rest to run.

Powers & Abilities[]

He was a fairy soldiers and fought at the war, but had to retire due to an injury. His fairy is unknown