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Serge Tova (セルジュ・トーヴァ, Seruju Tōva) is a member of the First Unit of Illegal Fairy Regulatory Agency Dorothea.


Serge is a young man with unruly brown hair. He is usually seen in his Dorothea uniform.


Serge has a fun loving personality in contrast to his partner, Clara. He jokes around a lot and tends to be more laid back compared to the other characters.


Serge was on a mission with Klara Kysenaria in Dirpe's ruins. There he was joined by Free Underbar and Marlya Noel. As she introduced himself, Klara asked them to be quiet, so she can focus with her fairy. Serge quickly joked that Klara was scary when angry, so they indeed need to keep quiet. As their targets arrived, Free and Marlya went to encounter them, and Serve and Klara remained to continue monitoring.

As they came back and Free and Marlya started fighting Wolfran, Serge used his fairy and shot at Wolfran, who then escaped. He told Free to go after him and that he and Klara will be giving long-range support. Serge then shot on of the three artificial fairies that attacked Free, helping him defeating them.

At Dorothea HQ, after Marlya's first mission, Serge organized a welcoming party at a bar, where Dorothea members enjoyed drinking together and chatting.

Serge with other Dorothea members went to the palace as the rebellion by Schwarz Diese started. They engaged Beevee Liscar in a fight and with group efforts they managed to injure his left arm and the make him retreat.

After the events with Schwarz Diese, Klara, Serge, Marlya and Free were tasked to guard Ray Dawn until he returns to his territory. They went with him on the train, but a bridge got sabotaged and the train fell into the river. They seek out refugee for the night at a nearby ruined castle. As they stayed there, during the night Arcame launched an attack using artificial fairy soldiers, but the Dorothea members managed to defeat them all.

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