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Ted Livingston (テッド・リビングストン, Teddo Ribingusuton) is artificial fairy technician and right-hand man of Hanns Efmed.


Ted has a brown messed up hair and usually wears a coat.



When an artificial fairy malfunctioned, Hanns Efmed, along with Ted Livingston and Glyph Mercer were given the artificial fairy to check why it malfunctioned. They were joined by Free Underbar and Marlya Noel, but they couldn't find the reason for the malfunction.

After two more artificial fairies malfunctioned, Hanns and Ted continued to search for the cause. Glyph and Dorothea were assisting them, but they still couldn't find anything wrong.

Ted went to the anniversary event, holding grudge towards Golbarn Helwise for using and throwing his father. He had tempered the new models, so they can use the older models he can fully control. Using them, he attempted to kill Golbarn, but failed and was arrested.

Powers & Abilities[]

As an ordinary man, he doesn't posses any additional powers or abilities.