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Thori Dawn (トーリ・ドーン, Tōri Dōn) was from Suna village and a guardian protecting both the villagers and the fairies.




Thori with Ivan Noel and Olek Gunnar were exploring the forest near Sun, observing the fairies. As they saw the Esteemed One starting a fight with other fairies, Thori told them they need to fight a way to stop them fighting and hurting each other. Ivan then volunteered to take the Esteemed One attention and lead it away, he managed but died in the process.

Later at the guardian lodge, Thori and Olek told what happened with Ivan. They discussed the situation with the village fortuneteller Deira, who told them that if the Esteemed One comes to the village it will be all over, so they needed a sacrificial ritual to suit the fairy heart. Thori didn't wanted to, but Deira suggested they use Veronica Thorn, as she was the blessed child that everyone loved.

In the forest, he was discussing things with Olek, and told him that one sacrifice won't be enough. Olek was surprised one won't be enough, but then Thori explained that the same ritual was held when he was young and four children were sacrificed, one of which was his sister. He then told Olek to tell Ray and Jurgen if they return from the war, that their father was a guardian until the end and then proceed towards the Esteemed One fairy to lead it further in the forest and away village, succeeding but also losing his life in the process.

Powers & Abilities[]

He was a guardian from Suna village and was somewhat skilled with a bow and tracking fairies.